- mapping the market for courses!


On our new listing site, we collected everything there is to know about the market for courses to allow visitors to select from the available range of courses. (1/3)
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client was launched in September 2007 with the aim of bringing together institutions providing courses, vocational education and training for those who seek learning opportunities in one place. Currently, there are thousands of different courses and training opportunities for visitors to browse.


Create a transparent site that helps visitors to easily find the training and institution that is most ideal for them.



Create a feature-rich website that highlights different categories with different colours and layout to make navigation easier.


The site has a youthful, dynamic look thanks to its frame, rich with cheerful graphics.

unique solutions

  • Visitors can filter search results using both categories and free-text search.
  • The system automatically sends newsletters to subscribers.
  • Each training can be rated and commented on.
  • The system also handles ad highlights.
  • The site manages partner registrations separately.

developed in: 2009


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