CTnetwork - Hungary’s leading ad network!


Hungary’s number-one text ad network aims at efficiently serving hundreds of millions of ad displays.

www.ctnetwork.hu www.ctnetwork.hu


CTnetwork entered the Hungarian market as the country’s first text ad network a couple of months ahead of Google. Its ads reach more than 2.9 million internet users every week and the system manages 700 million ad displays on a monthly basis.


Design a system that efficiently serves hundreds of millions of ad displays and optimises ads to the targeting preferences of advertisers.



D-CODE has been responsible for the development of the ad serving system from the start. The network has now come to represent a competitive alternative to the ads displayed through Google’s Display Network in all respects.

unique solutions

  • The system ensures that the hundreds of websites and advertisers involved in the network are served simultaneously and efficiently.
  • Ads can be targeted by keyword, site and county.Detailed statistics are available on the results.

developed between: 2004-2014


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