Aim on / zero in on effective design. We create ergonomic, user friendly branding which will make business profit for our customers, in the most desirable outcome / layout possible.

our background

As a web development company we are capable of handling any sort of complex design request and we are also competent in creating print materials. Web pages, logos, over all image and image guidance booklets or simply ‘just’ a banner? You can entrust us with building your complete online and offline presence.

some of our solutions offered:

  • creating banner ads
  • designing logos
  • mobile web page, responsive design
  • branding
  • leaflet design
  • pre print production
  • creation of branding booklets

our philosophy

Upon creating the branding we aim at functionality but dressed up in the most beautiful way possible. We endeavour that all work should not only be perfect from a professional point of view but also to deliver the clients needs at the highest levels.

why hire us?

  1. Self confident background knowledge!
    • We have 15 years long product development experience so we know exactly what type of graphical toolkit serves our customers’ business goals most effectively.
  2. We pay attention to users!
    • During branding we specifically pay attention to building strategy and ergonomic aspects too.
  3. We think on a wider scope
    • Unified branding elements, matching online and offline branding play a huge role in creating the customer image. Therefore we aim to produce the right templates and samples and taking into consideration and based on the branding booklet we can finalize the multi-channel appearance of the company.
  4. There are no technological boundaries!
    • From a technology point of view we confidently use both raster and vector graphic methods independent from the type of application (digital or print material).
  5. We offer cross-platform / platform-independent solutions!
    • For the widest availability possible we produce vector graphic materials even for the Internet, responsive or in case it is needed adaptable multi device appearance.
  6. Effectivity without doubt!
    • While we continuously follow current trends, during creating corporate identity we favour effective image over trends.

In case you would like to ask us to create your web page, leaflet, or even your whole corporate identity or have further questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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