We do not only code but turn the business aims of our customers’ to technological aspect!

our background

For average people programming is „purely” coding, while for programmers it is art because it forms a painstakingly precise structure which represents the highest possible technological level available for any given problem.

As web developers we stand for a third option. We starting out from the business needs of our client’s and our aim is that the functionality of the finished product fully meets desires and thus makes profit for our customers.

some of our solutions offered:

  • creating microsite
  • creation of HTML5, CSS web pages
  • creation of complex administration system
  • transforming and optimization of mobile web page
  • the usage and configuration high performance search engine (Sphinx)
  • technical search engine optimization
  • performance optimization
  • creation of web shop
  • PHP, JavaScript (jQuery, Polymer, unique code), ExtJS programming
  • MySQL database manipulation and optimization
  • Programming CMS, CRM systems or providing our solution

our philosophy

Should it be web page creation, search engine or mobile optimization we always concentrate on the business aims of our customers’. Therefore we greatly emphasize the importance of planning and though that we avoid our customers paying huge extra costs. First we define functional goals and then choose the most effective way to carry out.

why hire us?

  1. Self-confident technological knowledge!
    • We poses the latest technological options and trends so we work with the widest toolset available.
  2. We are capable of thinking in a structural way!
    • Besides being up to date with new technologies we also keep an eye on that our products are cross device functional and poses uniformed image on all devices.
  3. We have our own solutions!
    • We can recommend the best technological solution to our clients based on the analysis of statistics of our own, complex and various types of products.
  4. We usually use PHP and MySQL for server side programming while JavaScript for user end side.
  5. For administrative solutions we use ExtJS framework most of the cases which is a lot more cost effective compared to unique solutions and yet poses a wide variety of functionality. Of course for simple tasks Bootstrap can be used as well.
  6. We know what search engines and users look for!
    • During programming we take the aspects of search engine optimization and ergonomic needs into consideration.
  7. Multi screen solution is the standard for us!
    • We provide device independence, responsive or even adaptive programming thus all our solutions are mobile optimized.
  8. We focus on conversion!
    • During our projects we aspire to revisit the content from design and technical point of view so we can provide the highest possible conversion to our clients.

In case you would like us to develop a web page, web shop or the programming of any other type of technological solutions or have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us!


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