About us


We have been developing as an internal department within ReachMedia since 1998, from 2014 on we have operated as a standalone company. We provide a full range of web and mobile development, besides programming creating a corporate identity is also part of our work.

why are we different from other development companies?

  • Solid foundation: We have more than 15 years of experience. We have developed the first Hungarian online price comparison site called DEPO.hu and we are also in charge of the maintenance and secure operation of Maxima online direct marketing system, which sends out 3,5 million emails every week.
  • We think together: we not only develop but also think together with our clients.

we understand the actual problem and provide the best possible solution

  • Target oriented approach: For each project we focus on the business goals of our clients.
  • Full service solution: Besides development we also help our clients in creating their corporate identities.

our management

Tamás Tóth, Head of Company

“I have been in online development and product development for more than 10 years now, including the design of identity, coding and managing the process from a business point of view. I am confident that due to thoughtful planning, which is very typical of d-code, and our reliable professional background we launch products that fully meet our customers’ business goals both in quality and functionality. With many years of professional expertise we develop purposefully and meet deadlines in order to improve cost effectiveness. So as to be able to achieve this we need to fully understand the product and analyse it beforehand so we can create the perfect product tailor made to meet the needs of our customers in order to grant them long term business prosperity.”

Gábor Dely – Product development Lead

„For the past decade I have gained experience both with agency and on the client side in database marketing, e-mail marketing, CRM, ATL and BTL. Precise, goal oriented project management has always played a major role in my work along with an analytical approach with creativity in strategic planning. We aim for the same with d-code: while decoding concepts we are not satisfied with a good end product but we seek to create solutions we are proud of. We believe we have to have the same point of view as our clients do but from a different angle to ensure we fully understand the background of their requests.”


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